Certificates & awards

ISO 9001

After the successful completion of an external audit on 16th od October 2012 by Det Norske Veritas Adriatica Ltd., Gulliver travel received certification ISO 9001:2008. Obtaining ISO certificate confirms the quality of our work processes and our quality in general. The significance of the certificate has the equal importance in internal and external environment. We were among the first three tourist agencies in Croatia to have ISO certification. We consider this the additional sign of our proactive action and the role of leader in setting new trends in tourism.


As part of its sustainable development policy Gulliver travel implemented EOS CODE in 2012. EOS CODE, philosophy on environmentally oriented sustainability, is based on the introduction of sustainable elements in the business processes and improving the quality of products and services. Its aim is to strengthen the competitiveness of travel agencies and tour operators that would voluntarily implement the principles of sustainable business processes in their activities, especially in the packages that are organized or sold. In accordance with its strategic direction towards sustainable development, Gulliver travel supported this initiative and conducted implementation of EOS CODE.

Travelife Engaged 

Our agency has joined the Travelife and has reached the first of three phases: '' Travelife engaged''. Travelife is a management and certification system for travel agencies and tour operators, and it is a tool for establishing sustainable, socially responsible, practices within their office, but also in relation with their suppliers. Our company is devoted to the work of opportune procedures for the management of sustainable business. The appointed coordinator of sustainability, after passing the training, gained personal Travelife certification, and we started the realization of the basic steps and practice. During the  ''engaged''  phase, we will be preparing for the other future phases of Travelife.

Simply the best 2012

Crystal statue and Award "Simply the Best" for inventiveness and creativity in designing the offer for Konavle in harmony with sustainable and responsible tourism, were awarded in December 2012 to Gulliver travel for our excursion " Scenic train ride through Konavle valley". Read more...

Simply the best 2013

Crystal statue and Gold Award “Simply the best” for inventiveness and creativity in designing tourist offer, developing and realizing new products and improving the existing ones, were presented to Gulliver Travel in December 2013. for GULLIVER EASY RIDE – VEILED RIVIERA excurson. Read more...

Simply the best 2014

“Simply the Best” gold plaque for inventiveness and creativity in tourism and contribution to development of tourism offers within the local community in November 2014 for creative design of the Wine & Dine brand throughout Dalmatia, Istria, central Croatia and Slavonia. Read more...

DMC of the year 2015

Gulliver Travel has been voted the best DMC in 2015 at “The Tourism Flower – Quality for Croatia” Awards. The awards to the best national destinations, businesses and individuals were presented in October 2015 as part of the annual tourist event called The Croatian Tourism Days organised by the Ministry of Tourism, Croatian National Tourist Board and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. Read more...