Gulliver travel celebrates thirtieth birthday

For thirty years we've been successfully connecting destinations and people PRESS RELEASE

(Dubrovnik, 12th February  2019) Gulliver travel, the leading destination management company (DMC) in the region, celebrates its thirtieth birthday in February this year. This important anniversary was celebrated on January 31, 2019, with the traditional annual gathering of all employees known as United People of Gulliver travel 2019 and a gala dinner, on the eve of the Gulliver travel birthday celebrated on February 1st. These events were attended by all founders - Lukša Glavina, Goran Hrnić and Srećko Žunec.
Founded as the first private tourist and travel agency, Gulliver travel has gone from being a small agency to becoming a part of big TUI, and it followed global and local trends to enhance its successful business through a transformation from a travel agency in the DMC. We were part of the TUI Group from 2001 to 2016 and from 2016 to 2018, due to the division of business within TUI, part of the Hotelbeds Group. From 2018 we are again part of the leading travel company in the world - the TUI Group.
Our mission today is to provide a competent partnership in destination management that we are successfully doing through recognisable products and services from our rich and differentiated portfolio to over 32 markets around the world, including Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania. We believe in sustainable development, social responsibility and environmental awareness that, as an active member of the society we are trying to promote in the framework of the communities in which we operate.
Our quality and creativity, as an essential element of our daily business, is continuously confirmed by numerous industry awards and ISO 9001 certification, which we have since 2012. Of awards won, we would like to highlight the Simply the Best Prizes and the "Tourist Flower - Quality for Croatia Award" for the best DMK Travel Agency in 2015 awarded by the Association of Travel Agencies at the Croatian Chamber of Economy and Croatian Travel Agencies Association.
Our success is best demonstrated by the steady growth of our financial results and physical indicators, the expansion of the market and the network of partners, as well as the growth of our permanent employees, which is today more than a hundred. Our growth strategy is the development of new markets and partners, proactivity, continuous tracking of trends and, accordingly create a range of innovative and differentiated tourism products and programs.
"We have always strived to be avant-garde, but also our future plans include adaptation to new needs of the customer and the development of new exclusive products. One such example is the Gulliver's SeaGULL 30 catamaran, which is intended for daily and half day trips and events within the various MICE programs. This is a new and exclusive project that will enrich our offer, but it will also contribute to increment of the quality of the entire destination's tourist offer, and it will, because of its attractiveness and size, represent a kind of floating landmark.'' said Goran Hrnić, CEO of Gulliver travel.
We should also mention that the name of the catamaran was given by our employees Ira Buntić and Orsat Drobnić.
In addition to the celebration of thirty years and the United People of Gulliver travel 2019 event, the annual awards for the employees of the year were given to Ivo Decovski Klečak, Dijani Perhat and Ivana Trbojević, twelve employees received acknowledgements for their work in Gulliver for over 15 years and we awarded our retirees with appropriate gifts.