Participants of the Summer School of Film Sipan on Dubrovnik Photo Tour excursion

Gulliver Travel and Foto Adria welcomed the youngest on their new excursion!

(Dubrovnik, 10th August 2016) Participants of the Summer School film Span photo workshop participated in the excursion ,,Dubrovnik Photo Tour’’ organised by Gulliver Travel and Foto Adria.

Participants had the opportunity to acquaint themselves with professional photography equipment and get first-hand advice and guidance of experienced photographers. The beauty of the City and children’s creativity resulted in photographs of lively Old City, dramatic fortresses, main street hustle, colourful markets and the charming Old Port,…., some of which will certainly represent the final phase of their workshop.

This year, the ,,Summer Film School’’ organises their 13th Summer School of Film Sipan, primarily for Sipan’s youth, but also for visitors. The aim of the school is to develop competent usage of new technologies and media by children aged 9-14 years through workshops of feature, and animated film, photography and kindergarten film (for the youngest).

In Gulliver we are extremely happy that we had the opportunity to support this project through our new ,,Dubrovnik Photo Tour’’ excursion, which is organised in cooperation with Foto Adria. This excursion is created for all lovers of visual expression and it allows them to discover one of the most beautiful cities in the world through the photo lens but also to take unique and lasting memories.