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Sightseeing tour of Dubrovnik and filming loations of the Game of Thrones

New excursion in our offer for all "Game of Thrones" fans!

(Dubrovnik, June 01st, 2014) After a soft period, Gulliver has officialy launched SIGHTSEEING TOUR OF DUBROVNIK AND FILMING LOCATIONS OF THE GAME OF THRONES. This excursion is a special treat for all GOT fans.
Meet the marvels of the city of Dubrovnik and the fantasy world of the series. Take the boat ride to the exotic Island of Lokrum to hear about its history and its more recent development into the magical town of Quarth. Take a bun or two, the peacocks will be thrilled! Climb the city forts and walls to admire the views of the old town but also to see the Kings Landing, the Battle of Blackwater Bay, and the House of the Undying dungeon. Your guide tells you about the marvels of city and fantasy world of the series and how the two live together.
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