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Excursor system goes live!

Gulliver travel introduced a new platform for selling excursions and other services in the B2B segment

(Dubrovnik, 14th May 2018) Starting from the May 2018, Gulliver travel introduced Excursor platform into its business, which was developed in a strategic partnership with Combis during 2017 and 2018. An Excursor Mobile application has been developed too, replacing the existing Boockpacker application for field sales representatives.

Excursor is the product of joint efforts and collaboration between Combis and Gulliver travel.  It represents the platform for aggregating excursions and other complementary tourist services. The platform served as the foundation for building digital communication between organizers, sales channels and end-users in real time. In addition, the Excursor successfully and easily solves the guest requirements for complementary tourist services, reduces time spent on the booking, eliminates excess phone calls and collects all the necessary information in one place.

The collaboration with the IT sector in the development of the Excursor platform and its introduction to Gulliver travel business, confirms our leading role in setting trends in tourism in the region, as well as our proactive activity in different segments.