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Gulliver 25th birthday

Gulliver travel marks the anniversary of its founding

(Dubrovnik, 1st February 2014) Gulliver Tavel Today marks the 25th years from the establishment of the company.
Gulliver's Travel was founded on 1st February 1989. in Dubrovnik, as the first private tourist and travel agency. It was founded by Goran Hrnic, Srecko Žunec and Lukša Glavinja. In 2001. Gulliver becomes a part of the leading travel company in the world - TUI Travel PLC. By following global and local trends, we upgraded our successful business with the transformation from a travel agency into a DMC and currently is one of the leading destination management companies in the region.
Gulliver's mission is to offer competent partnership in destination management, and our vision is through recognizable products and services, an optimal balance of quality and price and successful results to be a desirable partner and employer and one of the key factors in Croatia and the region in creating a destination of excellence and sustainable development.
Gulliver's success is the result of the dedication and efforts of all our employees, and we all want: Happy Birthday!