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Gulliver travel – proud sponsor of humanitarian action ''Together we can do it all''

March for children with developmental disabilities as a part of the humanitarian action ''Together we can do it all''

(Dubrovnik, 9th October 2018) Gulliver travel participated as one of the sponsors of the humanitarian action ''Together we can do it all'' that took place in Dubrovnik on 6th October 2018. 
Giving something back to the community is a large part of what Gulliver travel is all about. We are pleased to say that we participated, as one of the sponsors, in the humanitarian action organised by the Association of parents of children with developmental difficulties and people with disabilities "Dva Skalina". The members of HVIDRA, MUP, Firefighters, Association of Actors, Poets and Artists, and many others participated in the march. Everybody gathered for one purpose only – to raise funds to build a playground in front of the Children's Center for Disabilities. Gulliver travel is always happy to respond to events that raise awareness about pressing social problems and through which we can increase the quality of life, especially the quality of life for those citizens who need the help the most.