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Nikolina Misir - the best agency employee in 2012

According to the choice of the Croatian National Tourist Board in the action "Employee of the Year" in the framework of the project "I Love Croatia", national program "Man - key to success", employee of Gulliver Travel was pronounced as the best employee

(Dubrovnik, 20th October 2012) At last night's award and recognition ceremony of the Croatian National Tourist Board in actions of orderliness of coastal and continental resorts of Croatia, Blue Flower and Green Flower, Man - key to success in tourism - the choice of employee of the year, held in Dubrovnik Lacroma within Croatian Days of Tourism, Nikolina Misir was named the best agency employee in 2012. 
"I am much honored and I'm glad, because this kind of award is not received every day. On the other hand, I would like to say that this award also belongs to all my co-workers and employees of Gulliver, because the reward is also a confirmation that we are on the right track and the incentive for some new success stories that we already create and that are yet to come", said Nikolina Misir, who is employed in Gulliver Travel as Director of sector Incoming & Guest Service. She works in Gulliver since 2001, and since then she successfully conducts jobs related to the business of receiving and the promotion of Croatia as a quality and attractive tourist destination.
"We in Gulliver are very proud of our colleague and we think this is a well-deserved award. We emphasize her involvement related to shifts in placement and perception of Croatia in the German market and bringing TUI Inside campaign to Croatia, which was implemented last year. Campaign results are expected in the following years, and this year Croatia has recorded the increase of 20 percent in arrivals of German guests in 2012", said Goran Hrnić, President of the Board of Gulliver Travel.
Let us remind you, TUI Inside is TUI’s most comprehensive sales campaign, and the most extensive campaign in the German tourism sector in general. Last year it was held for the ninth time, and because of the attractiveness, extraordinary media attention, special attention of travel agents and increase sales results, each year the number of candidates-destinations is large. Although the rule is the selection of the "big" destination, last year for the first time "small" destination was selected - Croatia, for which we were very proud. This choice was among other things the result of efforts by Mrs. Misir which she invested in persuasion of TUI. TUI Inside campaign objectives are long term extremely important for Croatian tourism in general, especially when we talk about the overall German-speaking area. One of the most important was to increase awareness of Croatia as the modern country of different possibilities through the transformation of Croatian image as a cheap, mass destination to the image of quality, fashionable destination that will of course ultimately result in a significant increase in sales.