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Taking a tourist train through Konavle vineyards

New in the excursion offer of Gulliver Travel!

(Dubrovnik, May 27th, 2011) Today, Gulliver Travel organized the first SCENIC TRAIN RIDE THROUGH KONAVLE VALLEY for the 2011 Season, that was prepared as a part of Gulliver’s excursion offer for the Dubrovnik region. The excursion was organized in cooperation with winemakers Andro Brajkovic, Ivo Vodopic, Ivo Karaman, water and stamp mills Djivanovic and the Franciscan Monastery in Pridvorje.
This excursion is new in the Dubrovnik area offer, because it represents the winemakers and traditional craftsmen from Konavle area in an original manner through the ride on the tourist train for the first time. The special added value of this project lies in the development of the Konavle area in the sense of tourism, through including a greater number of participants. The first excursion was organized for travel agents, and regular excursions start at the beginning of June and will be available every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. The excursion is aimed at both, domestic and foreign tourists, and it is designed as a half-day excursion. 
We would like to stress that the measures of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia within the project Meet Croatia also had a great role in the realization of this project, as well as measures of the Croatian Tourism Board through the project of 2011 Promotional Campaigns. 
DESCRIPTION OF THE EXCURSION: Experience the spirit of tradition and the true country atmosphere on a unique excursion with a tourist train that goes through the Konavle vineyards. After visiting the first wine cellar experience Konavle through the ride on the tourist train through the vineyards of this rich region. You will be able to see the historical way of flour making in the village Ljuta where you will visit the watermill and only several meters away you will be introduced to another traditional craft – wool production. The next three wine cellars (vineyards) will let you taste some of the best wines in this part of Croatia, and the farmer’s brunch will be an especially interesting experience; bacon and onion served in a traditional manner, like the old Konavle people used to serve it while working in the field. The excursion will end in the Franciscan Monastery in the village Pridvorje. 
  • 09:00 – Departure from Dubrovnik towards Pridvorje 
  • 10:00 – Arrival to the village of Brajkovici and the visit to the village household of Andro Brajkovic
  • 10:20 – Ride on the tourist train to Ljuta
  • 10:30 – Visit to the watermill Djivanovic with the demonstration of flour production and the visit to the stamp mill Djivanovic 
  • 11:00 – Continuing the ride on the train towards the vineyard of Ivo Vodopic 
  • 11:10 – Visit to the vineyard and wine tasting (Ivo Vodopic)
  • 11:30 – Continuing the ride to the vineyard of Ivo Karaman
  • 11:40 – Visit to the vineyard, wine tasting and a farmer’s brunch (Ivo Karaman)
  • 12:10 – Departure on the train towards the winemaker Niko Karaman
  • 12:20 – Visit to the winemaker and wine tasting and prosecco tasting with pandispanj (autochthon recipe) (Niko Karaman)
  • 12:45 – Ride on the train to the Franciscan Monastery in Pridvorje
  • 12:55 – Pridvorje, visit to the Franciscan Monastery
  • 13:15 – Bus ride from Pridvorje to Cilipi
  • 13:30 – Visit to the Ethnographical Museum and St. Nikola’s Church in Cilipi 
  • 14:00 – Departure from Cilipi to Dubrovnik 
  • 14:45 – Arrival to Dubrovnik 
This year, with the above described excursion Gulliver Travel also includes another five new excursions: UP AND DOWN (visit to the Vjetrenica Cave); SUNSET CRUISE (dinner and cruise on the Karak); SEA KAYAKING DUBROVNIK (kayaking around the city walls); KONAVLE BIKING (bike ride through Konavle); THE ELAPHITE ISLANDS (visit to Elaphite with the lunch in a newly renovated tavern Vrbova and a swim in the Vrbova Cove). The news this year is also that we presented the excursions in two separate brochures – one with the offer of “standard” excursions and the other with the offer of active type of excursions.