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Toni Japunčić - the best guide in 2014

According to the choice of the Croatian National Tourist Board in the action "Employee of the Year" in the framework of the project "I Love Croatia", national program "Man - key to success", employee of Gulliver Travel was pronounced as the best employee

(Opatija, 18th October 2014) At last night's award and recognition ceremony of the Croatian National Tourist Board in actions of orderliness of coastal and continental resorts of Croatia, Blue Flower and Green Flower, Man - key to success in tourism - the choice of employee of the year, held in Opatija within Croatian Days of Tourism, Toni Japunčić was named the best guide in 2014. 
"It is a great honour to receive this award. We all strive for success in what we do, therefore it is an immense pleasure once that effort is recognized and awarded. I think this award is also a reflection of the fantastic working atmosphere and team spirit within Gulliver travel." commented Toni Japunčić.
Japunčić is differentiated from other guides by his specific style – he is extremely communicative, possesses a vast knowledge that he constantly builds up so that he interprets every excursion in his own way with the properly timed wit. His work is highly esteemed as can be witnessed by numerous reviews that are coming through Gulliver’s channels and social networks. Japunčić is regularly credited as being an added value and closely connected to the excursion experience. One of the reviews reads, “In all my package holidays abroad, never have I come across a guide who spoke such good English. His knowledge of the region was first class. He added humour to the trip and he could not have been more helpful. He is a credit to your company.”
Japunčić has been working as a guide for Gulliver Travel for six seasons. Within his responsibilities he is extremely professional, knowledgeable, punctual, sympathetic, and he pays considerable attention to the quality of the program and the safety of his clients. We would like to point out his dedication and reliability as well as the ability to solve unpredictable situations to the satisfaction of his clients. In his work environment, he adheres to Gulliver’s standards thus enhancing the promotion and creation of Gulliver’s identity.